2014 Roundup: Beauty Favorites, Memories, and More

A few of my favorite things... (see below.)

I know what you're probably thinking: where the heck have you been?! I've been neglecting this blog again, after almost a full year of consistency. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, I've just been busy. I vlogged every day in December for Vlogmas, stayed consistent with 2 posts per week on my main channel, and have been working and taking finals. Second, I haven't been happy with my blog. I get bored easily, and this design has just not been making me happy. It's terrible on mobile devices, is bulky, and just doesn't reflect my personal style. I'll be designing a new blog to launch very soon so stay tuned. And finally, I've been trying to relax. Honestly, I've done nothing productive for the past two days and I think that's ok. Normally, I would have gotten my New Year's post up at 12:01, but I decided to spend yesterday in bed instead. Relaxing is super important and I believe the holidays should be a time to recharge, enjoy friends and family, and just focus on you.

With that said, I'm committing to a better, more consistent year on this platform. Blogging has always been a huge part of who I am - it's what got me introduced to the world of Internet personalities and I don't ever want to quit. Like I said, I'm working on a new design for 2015 and hopefully it will make things easier and more fun for you. I'm also really interested in hearing your feedback, so I'd love it if you left me a comment explaining what kind of content you want to see on here in the future. I've felt torn at times between making this an all-inclusive "lifestyle" blog or just focusing on beauty/fashion, so any suggestions will help.

I also wanted to remind you all that you can always keep up with me on my YouTube channels, which I update all the time. I know subscribers aren't the most important metric on YouTube, but I do set goals for myself and this year's goal was 3,000. Though I didn't make that, I am less than 30 away, which is incredible and I am so grateful. Please take a second to hit the big red (free) subscribe button if you haven't yet to help me reach that goal!

Instead of typing up posts about my 2014 favorites and 2015 goals, I've filmed two videos I think you will really like.

My 2014 beauty favorites range from skincare to eye liner to nail polish, and is a must-see.

I also participated in the "About a Year Ago" tag, which covers 2014 memories, 2015 goals, lifestyle favorites, and more.

Thanks for all your support in 2014. It's been really special.