I Feel More Like a Stranger Each Time I Come Home


It's hard to believe that it's been almost two months since I moved, and even harder to believe that it took until now to take a trip home. Kalamazoo is only two hours from my current spot in metro Detroit so there's no excuse, but I've been busy adjusting to my new home and it's taken a bit.

It was the first time in forever that I was given the task of playing tour guide, which was both frightening and thrilling. My goal was to make sure the beau had a good time, and there's not a single place that has given me more good times than Crow's Nest and Fourth Coast Cafe. I spent so many hours as an angsty teenager at this spot, and even as an adult it has a certain charm.

Central City Taphouse was another must-see, because even though it's nothing special, I really enjoy the vibe, the food, and usually the drinks (it's a Moscow Mule, btw... and it was only okay.) IMG_9941Oh. Taphouse also has the best selfie mirror in the city of Kalamazoo. I kid you not.

We only spent one night in town, and while I loved showing off the city that I love so deeply (and seeing my adorable nephews and niece, of course), I am so darn happy to be home. Going back was such a nice reminder of why I left. I never want to sound like I hate my hometown, but I'm just really glad I don't live there anymore. It's a quaint town. A beautiful town. An endearing town.

But it's just a town.