Barnes & Noble Haul


I stopped in Barnes & Noble for a coffee tonight and ended up with a mini Barnes & Noble haul to share. As soon as I spotted the magazines, I realized I had to pick up this month's Fast Company, which features YouTube's poster child Bethany Mota on the cover. If I had to name one single YouTuber who inspired me to start making videos, I'd say it's her.

Fast Company Bethany Mota ArticleI get oddly sentimental when I read about her success, because to an extent I feel like it's all of our success. I know that's cheesy but it's kind of true. Remember the day where blogging was something embarrassing and nerdy? Now content creation builds clothing lines. And the girl isn't even old enough to drink yet! So inspirational. Really.

The Autobiography of Nelson MandelaOn my way to check out, I had to browse the bargain books. This is my absolute favorite section of the store, and I was so happy I stopped today. Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela, a book that I've read years ago was on sale for only $4. It's hefty, and I'm sure I won't be finishing it anytime soon but it's a great one to own. His message is so important.

The I Love Lucy ScrapbookThis book also caught my eye, being the huge I Love Lucy fan that I am. The I Love Lucy Scrapbook features pictures and quotes from the iconic show. I grew up watching it and I still love it. It's amazing how something over 50 years old can still be so relevant and hilarious. The I Love Lucy Scrapbook 2This book is really cool because in addition to rare photographs, it also includes things like "the Ricardos' spare key" and cute decals, which make it truly feel like a family scrapbook. So happy I managed to snag this book for under $10. It will make a great coffee table book!

The United States of TriviaFinally, I picked up this little gem for just under $7. I write for an education blog and sometimes coming up with topics is difficult. I thought The United States of Trivia would be great inspiration for when I get writers block. It has over 500 facts about American history in it, something I write a lot about over there. Plus, I couldn't resist that gorgeous cover. Americana is kind of my thing.

What have you been reading lately?