Beauty Box 5 Unboxing


I've heard a lot about Beauty Box 5 from the YouTube beauty community, but I haven't had a ton of luck with subscription boxes in the past so I never paid too much attention to it. I found a Facebook offer for a free first order, so I decided to try out the May box. Here's my first Beauty Box 5 unboxing! Enjoy.P1040640The box itself is adorable. One of my favorite colors (besides black, of course) is this seafoam green so I was very drawn to the packaging. I do have to say, I was shocked at how tiny this box is!

P1040646 Like most other subscription boxes, this one comes with a little info card and tons of "worms" or packing tissue.P1040650The first product in the box was this set of shampoo and conditioner from Coolway. I have never heard of this brand, but the full sizes retail at $19.99 each, and they are formulated to strengthen and hydrate your hair. I have to admit, shampoo samples are kind of a turn off for me because I'm pretty stuck in my ways, but at least these weren't foil packets.P1040657 This is a deep pore facial cleanser by Shea Terra Organics. Again, I've never heard of the brand. The full size retails at $18. I am pretty intrigued by this product since I'm really into skincare at the moment and do happen to be a going through a rough time with acne lately.P1040674 This lipstick by Nicka K New York is in the shade Begonia, which might be gorgeous on.... anyone but me. It's a deep red with flecks of gold, which I cannot stand on myself. I don't like anything with shimmer or shine on my lips, so I'll be giving this one away for sure. It retails at $4.99.P1040677FOIL PACKETS. Normally I'd be very upset with these, but since I'm packing for my trip to New York, these are actually going to come in handy. They' are antiperspirant deodorant wipes by La Fresh, which will be great to carry around in my purse while walking around the Big Apple. The full size contains 48 wipes and sells for $19.99.

Overall? Not too impressed. At $12 a month, I feel like I probably could do a little better shopping for myself at the drugstore. I am excited to try the Shea Terra organics cleanser and the antiperspirant wipes, but besides that, I could live without the rest.

Have you tried Beauty Box 5? What did you think?