Day by Day Beauty Blotting Paper

Day By Day Beauty Blotting Paper Review

Today I'm bringing you a sneak peek into what I keep in my makeup bag (I plan on filming a video soon), and I'm reviewing a new blotting paper I've recently been testing.*

Day by Day Beauty Review

The Day by Day Beauty Luxury Blotting Papers come in a set of 100, making them super convenient and totally economical. Most days I use just one (or less), so these are sure to last me a long time. They're cruelty-free, which is an awesome selling point to me, especially since I've been toying with the idea of going totally cruelty-free lately.

The sheets themselves are pretty thin, but not so thin that they tear when you pull them out. They're soft and comfortable to use, and are also surprisingly powerful. I notice that I get oily around midday, predictably right around my T-zone and these sheets work like magic at mattifying and refreshing my makeup.

Day by Day Beauty Luxury Blotting Paper Sheets Review

 On top of working really well, I think the packaging is super cute! When you open it up, you're greeted with "Hello, beautiful," something I definitely don't mind reading. It's also nice and sturdy, something some of the other blotting papers I've tried has severely lacked. Even the more expensive papers I've used have torn apart after a few uses or never really secured completely. The Day by Day Beauty papers haven't seen that issue at all, yet.

Overall I really like these and would definitely repurchase. I do feel like some of my makeup came off on the paper in addition to excess sebum, something that might be a concern if you're concerned with your makeup staying perfect. I didn't feel like it was enough to notice on my face, but I definitely saw a bit of product on the paper. I also wish that like my Palladio blotting sheets these ones came with a bit of powder on either side, just because on hot summer days I can totally see myself going through several of these to get the desired matte effect. Those suggestions aside, I found them to be totally worth the price.

Check out Day by Day Beauty here.

(*) denotes a p.r. gift – read my disclosure/review policy here