Saturday Stuff: The Detroit Masonic Temple


Things I'm not: religious, a photographer, or a Mason (duh.) But I do love exploring relics of the past, especially when they're a tad creepy. When Niche presented the opportunity to tour the Detroit Masonic Temple, I had to go.

I was joined by my stylish accomplice who I'm really glad is into the same nerdy crap I am.


The Masonic Temple was built in 1920, and everything is incredibly ornate. Symbolism was everywhere, most of which I still don't really understand, but it's pretty amazing to look at. The building is home to many lodge rooms, ballrooms, and several theaters. Not only is the Masonic an important part of Detroit, but it's also a rock n roll landmark.

In 2013, The White Stripes' Jack White paid over $142,000 in back taxes to keep it open, resulting in the renaming of the Scottish Rite cathedral to the Jack White Theater. The venue has seen a plethora of musical acts from The Rolling Stones to Jimi Hendrix, and continues to host shows there today. It was pretty amazing to see.