Music Moment... On Dustin Thomas


I wish I were joking when I said I had listened to a song on repeat over 30 times tonight.

I do this sometimes, actually all the time - whenever I discover a new life changing artist, song, or album. I drill them into my head and learn everything I possibly can about it before daring to share it with another human, on social media, in real life, or here.

Dustin Thomas, Medicine Tribe member and beatboxer, is currently on a solo tour in Australia. To be honest I hadn't ever listened to his solo stuff until recently and now I can't stop listening.

This song, The Great I is a love song for Hawaii, I think. And finding yourself there, of course.

"I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve been, I cut my ties with the things I dread, I look into the fire, in the fire I am - and I listen to the water in the great island."

I don't know why I'm so emotionally attached to this song but it just gives me all the feels. I think his voice is really special - a bit childlike, totally raw, but still incredibly beautiful.

On Top of the World With my Friends is beautifully filmed by Grototote, and is just a great anthem, overall. I love the social message it carries, one that is oh so relevant to many current events.

"And I saw men all dressed for battle on New York City streets. They were men with guns and mason clubs against children in bare feet. But I remember how a soldier (Shamar Thomas was his name), he stood tall against the regimen and put those coward cops to shame. He said, "My whole life I've found for freedom and that riot gear is so unneeded. If you're looking for a fight, then why don't you stand in line... and pick on someone your own size? And risk your life for land and freedom the way that I've risked mine?""

I actually had to Google Sergeant Shamar Thomas, because I hadn't heard of the incident until this song. If you're interested in watching, just click here. It's pretty powerful.

This unplugged version of Strong Like Jah is what got me started on my Lil Buffalo kick...

"One falls asleep in Palestine - a victim to a gun crime. One's cruising down the city street, one falls asleep on concrete. One's checking out a price tag, one's dropping bombs over Baghdad."

These lyrics really resonated with me. As difficult as things can be, it's so important to remember to be a strong, positive, resilient warrior. I think that's the only way to get through things, sometimes. I love how raw this version of the song is - there are literally girls walking in the background with hulu hoops. I love it.

Oh, and in case you're a fan of covers... here's Kids (MGMT) - Dustin Thomas style. So. Good.

You can get all of Dustin Thomas' music for FREE here.