e.l.f. Blush Palette Review & Swatches

elf blush palette review

Despite the heat wave we're experiencing here in Michigan, fall is imminent. For my makeup routine, this means darker eyeshadows, matte bronzers, and of course, deep berry blushes.

I'm typically a fan of natural tan or apricot shades for blush, but fall and winter give me a good excuse to play around a bit. Since I'm not the most experienced in working with these deep shades, I thought a great starter palette would be this one from e.l.f. (eyes lips face.) It retails at only  $6, which is an incredible steal for four large pans of blush.

The packaging is typical e.l.f. It's matte black plastic which I find to be quite elegant. Although pretty, their packaging is never the sturdiest. While this hasn't happened yet, I assume like many of their other products, the white lettering will rub off soon. I also find it a tad hard to open and can be quite a pain to wrestle deal with if you have freshly painted nails. I argue that mediocre packaging is a small price to pay for a great product, and this one is pretty great.

elf blush palette packaging

First thing I noticed when opening this bad boy up is that the mirror is huge and gorgeous. This is great for traveling for that reason, and also because of the diverse shades of product it features. Bringing this one palette on a week-long vacation will give you multiple looks for day or night. Plus, no one likes getting ready in a hotel mirror. No one.

I also noticed that the pans appeared to be removable. I pushed. They are. I'll be picking up the other shade of this palette soon to mix and match to create my perfect blush palette. I'm not sure if there are any other e.l.f. products with this capability but I think it's genius.

elf blush palette colors

There are three (almost) matte shades in this palette, and one shimmer. I use the word almost because while they appear matte at first glance, there are actually tiny flecks of glitter in them which is barely noticeable on real skin. The matte (ish) colors range from a neutral apricot tone to a bright pink to a dark burgundy/brown. The shimmery color is more of a wine.

I have to admit, the shimmery shade is really shimmery. There are pretty large chunks of glitter in that that definitely show up on your face, and also tend to fall out a bit. I'm not a huge fan of this shade, but the others make up for it.

elf blush palette swatches

All of the colors are incredibly pigmented and different enough to be in the same palette together. One of my makeup pet peeves is buying a palette only to have two shades be nearly identical. The closest of them all are the two darker shades, but one is shimmery and still shows up quite a bit darker than the other.

Application is a bit on the powdery side, but again, for the price I'm not complaining. They also are ridiculously pigmented so a very light hand is needed. I typically tap off my brush a few good times and then gently dab in an upwards motion onto my cheeks. You will be shocked at how heavy this goes on, so consider yourself warned. With that said, these are gorgeous colors when you get the application right, so I recommend playing around with this. The stay power is also pretty impressive, and with a good setting spray these have the potential to last all day.

elf blush palette on skin

Excuse the terrible skin (eek... #nofilter) but this is the darkest matte color on my cheeks. It has the potential to be built up quite a bit, but since I am just having a casual day at school, I used a light hand. I think it's a nice shade either way and overall I recommend this palette. It's versatile, affordable, and although a bit hard to work with, it makes a great addition to my collection.

{Purchase the e.l.f. Blush Palette in Dark (pictured) and in Light}