e.l.f. Shimmer Palette Review & Swatches: Things Forgotten #1

elf shimmer palette

I've been sorting through my makeup again. And I'm realizing, not only do I hold onto a lot of crap (examples here...), but I also don't review enough of the things I try for you guys. So this series is all about sharing the stuff I forgot; not buying new, but recycling. First up is this e.l.f. Shimmer Palette, something I don't remember talking about it on here, despite having it for quite awhile.

elf shimmer palette review

I really wasn't sure what this palette was meant for when I ordered it, but it was pretty, creamy, and sparkly, so I had to have it. I love the packaging it comes in: it's sleek, sturdy, and classic. The only thing about these palettes is that the white writing does tend to rub off after just a bit of use. For $3.00 though... I'm really not complaining.

The palette features four colors, a white, peach, bronze, and pink. The texture of them is thin and creamy, very similar to the cream eyeshadows by e.l.f. that I have used in the past. The delicate colors make them perfect for inner corner eye highlights, base shadows (layered with a primer, of course), or a highlighter for the face.

elf shimmer palette swatches 2

With that said, the color payoff of this product is not stellar, but I don't think it's really meant to be. While they can be used as an eyeshadow, I think highlighter was more the intention. The colors in this palette give off small hints of color, not full fledged, opacity like a shadow would. You can see in the swatches above (done left to right according to the palette's order), how faint the color they give off really is. From far away, I'd think all four swatches were the same shade of frosty white. The bronze and pink (last two on the right) have the most distinct color payoff, but they're still not the most colorful swatches I've ever seen.

Overall, I think this is a great little find for the avid makeup collector: it's cheap, it's beautiful, and the stay power of these is decent if paired with a proper primer and setting spray. I think these are used best as a highlighter either for the eyes or cheekbones, and the four different shades make for lots of room for experimentation.

What do you think? Worth $3.00 or nah?