Outfit of the Day: Love Your Mother (+ Musical Medicine)


It's Earth Day.

ootd closeHere in Michigan it was 37 degrees today. Not even going to pretend that I *actually* wore this outfit outside, and hopefully my goosebumps aren't too distracting...

ootd wind

For most of the week it's felt like summer, or close to it. My typical summer steez involves lots of black, of course - but sometimes I like to venture into blue-brown-beige land to mix things up.

ootd kimonoI was worried about snapping these photos in the freezing cold, but I actually had a lovely day in nature today. Growing up a hop skip and jump from the woods is something I've taken for granted for many years, and only recently have I realized how beautiful it truly is.

IMG_7814My whole life I've been someone who's hated bugs, dirt, and allergies.

ootd earth day faceThe older I get, the more I realize how important our earth is... how  much it affects my feminity, my sensuality, my confidence, and how it shapes my entire worldview.

ootd earth day 2There are so many issues threatening the earth right now, and while I'm not perfect, I'm trying.

And for your listening pleasure: some of my fave earth-friendly songs. I'm trying to share YouTube playlists now since a lot of you don't use Spotify or Soundcloud. Go outside and meditate! The first track is part of my morning routine. Listening outside makes the experience even more magical.

Outfit Details:

+ Kimono / maurices

+ Shorts / Dresslink

+ Boots / maurices

+ Crop Top / Random store in NYC?

+ Necklaces / maurices

+ Belt / Thrifted