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When I found Anna's adorable nail designs on YouTube, I knew immediately that I had to feature her this month! She hails from Russia and in addition to nail tutorials, she also does challenges, hauls, and vlogs. I'm terrible at doing nails and I thought you guys would appreciate her tips, too.

Anna has been watching YouTube videos since she was only 11 which has given her a ton of ideas for her channel. She has a great attitude about the blogging community, and feels like being a good person is super important to building a loyal subscriber base (and I wholeheartedly agree!) Check out more of what Anna has been up to below and please don't forget to subscribe to her!

What made you start a blog in the first place?

My whole life I've been attracted to makeup and all things girly. When I was younger I would take my mom's makeup bag and go through it and just wish so much that I'd grow up already to be able to explore all these beautiful things and get to wear them. When I first discovered YouTube I was so mesmerized by it because I saw that there were people like me who loved makeup and knew so much about it and could teach me more. So I learned and learned about makeup, and the thought of starting my own YouTube channel and spreading my own knowledge has always been there, but I just didn't think that I should do it because people would say this and that and they'd judge me and so on... But in the end I just said "who cares?" It makes me happy, so why care about what others think? So I started a YouTube channel, and I've only been doing it "properly" for about a month, but I can tell you that it's been one of the happiest months of my entire life.


What do you think makes you stand out from other bloggers?

Well obviously personality. I thought about my channel quite a while and what I should stand for and blah blah, but in the end I decided that personality is the most important. I know this sounds kind of strange, but I believe that the content isn't as important as your personality. If your content is great, but you're sitting there like a robot, no one is going to watch you. Now that's not to say that if you're a great person you can have crappy content, but what I'm saying is that personality is a huge things and plays SUCH an important role in your YouTube videos. I never try to copy other gurus or pretend to be like somebody else. The reason I love YouTube so much is because I can be ME, and I don't have to change for anybody. So I think the biggest thing that makes me stand out is my personality. I am not going to only focus on beauty/nail videos on my channel. I will frequently be posting videos about myself and about my experiences, because I really want my viewers to get to know me better and to connect.


What is your favorite blog/YouTube channel right now?

This question is so hard! But I think it would have to be iiSuperwomanii. She's just so funny and inspirational and sassy, I love her. Her videos just brighten up my day whenever I watch them!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Yes. And my advice is- JUST DO IT! I sat there for 2 something years, thinking whether I should do it or not. And I really wish I would've just done it. I know it can be scary and strange, but if you know it is something you want to do, DO IT! If it doesn't work out or you find out you don't like it, you can always take down your videos. It's not a permanent thing. But trying never hurt anyone! So just film yourself, post a video, and see what it feels like!

Where do you see YouTube in the next few years?

I think the future is very bright. I think it will expand more and more. YouTube is a phenomenon, and it is something that is just going to get bigger and bigger. I'm proud to be part of that.
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