Featured Blogger: Cristal


Meet Cristal! She's a newbie vlogger entering her senior year of high school and I'm obsessed with her sweet Texan style.

She's 17 and has only been vlogging for a few months, but she gave me some great words of wisdom that I think everyone should pay attention to!

In addition to taking her channel seriously through frequent summer uploads in preparation for school, Cristal is also proud of her roots. She's from Texas, which helps her stand out from the rest of the community. She loves wearing cowboy boots which can be seen in action here!


Tell us about your YouTube channel.

I want my YouTube channel to include beauty related videos for those girls who are really into fashion and makeup but I will also be including random fun videos like random non-beauty related tags for those who aren't that into makeup and fashion.

What made you start a channel in the first place?

I've been wanting to have my own beauty channel since the very first time I knew there was a beauty community on YouTube, but I was too afraid of what people might have thought of me to even give it a try. It's kind of upsetting I waited 4 years for this but making videos makes me really happy and I think it's better late than never.

Do your friends/family know about your blog?

Yes! I was afraid to share at first but they're probably the most supportive people behind me and that's really more than I could ask for.


What has blogging done for you?

So far it has helped me be really excited about the future and has actually opened up a passion that I knew was there but didn't want to show to the rest of the world.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Honestly I'm just a beginner myself but if anything I'd say just be yourself and make sure it's something that lets you have tons of fun and most importantly makes you happy.

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