Loving Lately: GreenSpace Cafe


Well, I've made my way through nearly every vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Detroit, so this weekend we headed a wee bit north to Ferndale. Our last server at Detroit Vegan Soul recommended GreenSpace Cafe to us, and boy, am I glad I took her advice. This place is totally plant-based, beautifully decorated, and has a rad, welcoming staff.

This place gets an automatic +1 for the adorable patio. This weekend was gorgeous out, and eating outside is one of my favorite things about summer. The patio is covered with lights and heaters when needed, plus it's super big! I often find myself being squeezed right next to another couple with outdoor seating, and that was not the case at all here.

Beyond having amazing food, my favorite thing about GreenSpace is their menu. It's gorgeously bound (weird thing to care about, I know) and every single dish is written up with an extreme amount of detail. I stick to a totally vegetarian and (mostly) gluten-free and soy-free diet, so this menu is a godsend. Everything in the restaurant is vegan, but the extra details for additional food restrictions makes a huge difference.

Another big deal? The mocktails. Since I don't really drink, I'm usually stuck with water since I'm not a huge fan of soda either, but these non-alcoholic adult-ish sparkling beverages totally hit the spot. I wish I remembered what they were called, but I guess I'll just have to go back soon and let you know... 😉

And of course... the food: I got a zucchini pasta with pesto and a cauliflower appetizer. Norris got Pad Thai and broccolini. I tried everything but the Pad Thai and I can confirm that it was amazing. Particularly the zucchini pasta, which I had never tried until now. It was super tasty and very filling! I wasn't expecting the portions to be so huge, but I definitely have a ton of leftovers sitting in my fridge.

Although I'll have to try a few more dishes before letting it take the crown, GreenSpace Cafe is definitely on its way to becoming one of my favorite restaurants in metro Detroit. I'll be back!

Check out GreenSpace Cafe at 215 W Nine Mile in Ferndale.