One More Addiction: GIRLS


I rarely watch television, and by rarely, I mean never.

It's been ages since I've been hooked on something that I can't get enough of, besides maybe Intervention or Sister Wives and those are more guilty pleasures, really.

A ton of people have suggested I watch HBO's Girls and I'm not sure why, but something about Lena Dunham has just always rubbed me the wrong way, so I abstained. Then I spent this entire weekend holed up in my house working on a never-ending project and decided I could use some company. And since my friends are always conveniently busy when I need them... Girls happened.

I'm obsessed. Completely and totally The L Word level obsessed. But that doesn't mean I don't have any criticisms. Everything I love has both dark and light, and Girls is no exception.

I find the show totally entertaining, laugh out loud funny, and relatable in... some ways. Other things about it completely turn me off.

I find the particular brand of entitled, millennial feminism portrayed in the show very hard to swallow. The series opens with Dunham's character getting financially cut off by her parents, and I had to force myself not to grab the remote and turn off the TV. That storyline is so boring, first of all, but second of all, who the hell gets financially supported by their parents anymore? Okay, maybe a lot of people. But I can't relate. And I have a very hard time feeling sorry for anyone who lives in the entitled bubble of "living their dreams" in the big city on mommy and daddy's dime.


I just can't. I really can't.

(Spoilers? Maybe. But only if you're a lame like me who doesn't watch television episodes until 2 years after they air.) And then there's the episode where homegirl is getting sexually harassed/assaulted at work. This was an awesome opportunity to highlight how serious and rampant workplace harassment is. And how so many women, even though they know they're being treated poorly, stay. Because they have bills to pay. Because they don't get taken seriously when they stand up for themselves. Because they're scared. But Hannah does the most awkward monologue ever, essentially giving up her job to continue her carefree lifestyle because let's be honest, she didn't really want one to begin with.

Also. I don't particularly enjoy sex scenes at all, to be honest - I'm no prude, but they're just really hard to pull off. Girls does not pull them off. In fact, I find them to be the most awkward sex scenes I've ever seen for some reason. I can't put my finger on why they're all so bothersome to me, but I'm literally at the point of having to look away, they're so uncomfortable. Shudder.


This isn't an "I hate Girls" post, I swear. I'm obsessed, remember?

I love that there are normal human beings on this show. The main characters are all so normal, it's almost unreal. I think that's really important. I'm not saying they're hideous or disgusting or ugly or anything like that, but even the pretty ones are just... normal. And that's what real women look like, even the pretty ones. I hate having the conversation (usually with men) about the hours of makeup that went into their celeb crush's look, or the Medieval times-style binding they have under their dress. Or the plastic surgery that they (probably/definitely) have had or the Photoshop that contorts their angles and facial features. It's nice to see a pretty girl who just looks pretty. Women can relate. Men are probably confused as f about what I just said.

I'm also not sure I've related to a show more re: sex, dating, relationships (or lack of.) Although Hannah's entitlement is something I totally can't relate to, I feel like we're sort of spirit animals in our style of dating (crazy.) "I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I'm the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me...And I really don't want to go to brunch, and I don't want you to sit on the couch while I shop or even meet my friends. "

...But actually, JK, I'm going to pick a fight with you until you call me your girlfriend. Even though you kind of suck. I actually really like you and I just want to know that I'm yours. Cool?


Also. Fear of AIDS is so real. But I'm sure that's anyone with even the slightest case of anxiety and/or anyone who's ever searched "symptoms of HIV/AIDS" on WebMD. Only difference is I'm not a rude, entitled brat who tells her gyno she wants to contract it. That kinda pissed me off.