Get The Look: 90s Goth featuring Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden


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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden is a web series I recently stumbled across, and turns out, it's a pretty big deal. Not only is it set in my favorite decade (the 1990's), it's also set in one of my favorite places: Washington, D.C. On top of all that, OJBG was created by a woman who decided to take life by the reigns and produce her work without a studio backing. Her dedication and talent paid off: Otessa Ghadar's webseries is now one of the longest-running in history.

After watching a few episodes, I immediately took a liking to Laura, the show's resident goth. Her style is simple, effortless edge - something I think isn't too far off of my own personal style. Did I ever tell you I was goth in middle and high school? I've since added some life to my wardrobe, but I still find myself reaching for mostly black pieces, leather, lace, and rock-inspired accessories. When the idea to create a lookbook was proposed, I knew I wanted to base it off of Laura's style.

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden is available to watch here and is also coming soon to Amazon! I know a lot of content creators and film nerds read my blog, so make sure to check out Otessa Ghadar's course on SkillShare, How to Create Your Own Webseries. She's sharing all of her secrets on creating a successful webseries and taking control of your future.

Check out the three outfits I chose to represent Laura's character and introduce you to the show:

Which look was your favorite? They're all outfits I can see myself wearing day to day, especially number two. I'd say that's pretty typical LJ Street Style, wouldn't you?!

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