Outfit of the Day: This Old Thing


It's never a bad day for a hike, and these boots were made for walking, believe it or not.

ootd 4I recently thrifted this denim dress, which can be accessorized a plethora of ways. I initially had a more uptown chic look in mind for this piece, but was inspired by Mother Nature, Trevor Hall, and comfort for today's choice.

ootdI paired it with old accessories that I've worn a bajillion times.

ootd beltI've gotten a ton of questions on this belt and I honestly have no idea. I think it was thrifted.

ootd shoes 1I'm becoming that girl who can't step into spring with her footwear. I know it's 80 degrees out, I don't care. I've developed a major insecurity about my feet after my surgery, and these boots are literally the most comfortable shoes I own, besides my Vans, of course.

ootd shoes 2I got them at Maurices when I worked there - they're ancient and well-worn.

ootd 3I've been seeking major recluse in the land preserve a lot lately. I've had a rough week, one of the roughest of the year, and I just wanted to get away from everything. The moon entered Taurus today and my birthday's in four, so I was feeling a little more like myself but still couldn't shake those feelings of loneliness, of confusion, and of stress. So I listened to the most beautiful song I'd heard in awhile (check it out below), drove to the forest, and took it all in.

It's oh so necessary sometimes.

In Chapter of the Forest, Trevor Hall is talking about the Narmada - a river in India, but Michigan's gorgeous green earth is breathtaking in its own right. It's crazy how long I've taken this for granted.

I dreamt of running away for so long, and I'm now so grateful to have an abundance of green space, fresh water, and clean air around me. We are so provided for.