Outfit of the Day: Spring is Here

outfit of the day grunge

It's spring (ish)! No more subzero temperatures! No more cloudy, grey skies! Time to take some photos. This outfit is a great transitional look that incorporates both spring and winter staples. It's nice because it can be warmed up or down by simply switching out a few pieces. Perfect for unpredictable Michigan weather...

outfit of the day top jacket

I was recently gifted these shorts from Dresslink* and was anxiously awaiting warmer weather so I could actually put them on. Since it's not that warm yet (40 degrees feels like summer right now though, no joke), I thought they would be really cute with a pair of tights underneath.

outfit of the day shorts

These control top stockings from Kushyfoot* are a dream! The shorts themselves are a bit tight and the stockings help keep everything together. I also think the dark modesty panels and control top add a rock n roll edge when showing through a bit, but to each her own. I know this grunge-y look won't be for everyone, but it's totally my style and perfect for a night out.

outfit of the day

My pleather jacket is years old, and I'm obsessed with it. I wear it all spring, all fall, and most of the winter, too. It's warm without being scorching, and it's light enough to stuff in my bag or wear over my shoulder if I get too hot. This crop top is a clearance find from Victoria's Secret.

outfit of the day shoes

One downside to Michigan springs is that the snow takes awhile to melt. Even when it's 70 degrees (which it totally was this weekend), huge snowbanks and salt residue remain on the ground. Because of this, I keep my boots out well into May. These booties have seen better days, but I think being a bit beat up and worn contributes to the rock n roll edge of the look.


P.S. The lightened hair is temporary! I filmed a celebrity-inspired makeup tutorial today that required some blonde highlights. I kind of like them though. I've had jet black hair for almost a decade now, and it's a fun little change. I might leave it in just for a bit to play around with.

(*) denotes a p.r. gift - read my disclosure/review policy here