I Have a New Favorite Detroit Pizza

So I've been kind of MIA... 

I've been busy, I've been sick, I've been moving, etc... but none of that really matters right now. What matters is that tonight, I felt like eating some good old comfort food. We headed out to one of our fave spots for a grilled cheese, Woodbridge Pub, and were faced with a tough decision when we noticed a pizzeria had popped up right next door.


A quick glance at the menu showed us that they had gluten-free and vegan options, and the hip vibe really drew me in. After an unsuccessful attempt at visiting CVLT Pizza in Grand Rapids a few weekends ago, Pie-Sci came to us like a dream. 

So we went in. We ordered the Baby Got BBQ on gluten-free crust.

I asked for my half without meat, and was offered veggie bacon on it, which I declined, but was super impressed and grateful for the option! I try to stay away from soy, but this is a godsend for vegetarians. The beau said the chicken on his side was cooked to perfection, and honestly, my side didn't need anything additional. It was pretty perfect as-is.

Although I truly should not have put anything else in my stomach, I couldn't resist a vegan frozen treat to go. This little ice cream sandwich was only $4 and it was preeeetty massive. It's also delicious; made with coconut ice cream and gluten-free cookies, it is totally worth the extra bucks and calories.

I'm already dreaming of my next trip there.

Check 'em out and let them know who sent ya:
5163 Trumbull, Detroit MI