Simple Act Sundays #2


December is flyyyying by! I can't believe I've already posted two simple acts of kindness this month. That's the great part of giving back: it takes so little out of me and can do so much for others. I hope you guys have been keeping the spirit of the holidays alive by doing some nice things in your community, too!

This week is finals week (your cyber hugs, well-wishes, and prayers are much, much needed, ha) so I didn't have a ton of time for this week's post. I thought I would do something really simple and since I had to pick up holiday cards to send out to some of you guys anyway, I thought I'd include some cute kids in the mix, too. I read about Addie from Utah the other day after a friend shared this article on Facebook, and the story broke my heart. She is a 6-year old suffering from an atrophy of the brain, potentially meaning this will be her last Christmas. As one of her last wishes, she's asking for "a lifetime of Christmas cards".

I think we can do that.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids Vlogmas 7

I knew there had to be other sick kids out there who might appreciate a holiday card, so I did some research and found Cards for Hospitalized Kids, an organization that distributes cards to children in hospitals all over the country. The cool thing about them is that they accept cards throughout the year, not just during the holidays. The only thing about this organization is that they ask for handmade cards and I am no artist, but I tried. I'm sure someone will appreciate my wonky sticker-filled cards because I packed them with extra love to make up for my horrible art skills.

And since Vlogmas is going on and my life is crazy, I filmed it for yesterday's video. It's probably the most random video I've ever filmed as I go over the organization, make some cards, and tell a few interesting stories to you guys, from awful pick-up lines on Facebook to being afraid of my friends reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Address to send Addie a card:

Addie Lynn and Sisters
P.O. Box 162
Fountain Green, UT 84632

Address for Cards for Hospitalized Children

(please see their guidelines here before sending):

Cards for Hospitalized Kids 7290 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, IL 60631