Top 5 For Fall: Music


So it may not officially be fall yet, but I've been counting down to Autumn Equinox for what feels like forever and I'm getting antsy. I have a bad habit of saying that every season is my favorite, but I think the truth is I just really like living somewhere that has seasons. Either way, fall is special. This year is the first in awhile that I haven't had school to prepare for, which is just as lonely as it is liberating... but the music's always had a way of keeping me company.

I change up my driving playlist every season, and Autumn Fallin' has been spinning since late August. Since I'm rounding up my favorite fall beauty and fashion products on my channel, I thought I'd share some lifestyle bits to get you as pumped for the season as I am, too (...or make you want to put on a onesie and cry in your tea. Your pick.)

Changes by Stars (from 2010's delightful The Five Ghosts) has got to be one of the dreamiest, most melancholy, and most well-produced pop songs on the planet. During cold weather months, it just makes sense. The music video for this track is evocative and worth a view - but it's also age restricted and very NSFW, so consider yourself warned.

It just doesn't get any better than this. Nico's These Days (1967) was the soundtrack of my life for years, and still is sometimes. I'm not sure what it is about fall that just makes me crave feelings, but this song brings 'em all out - for better or worse. It's a relic of the past that's somehow remained ageless... and it's got to be one of my favorite things.

Its contemporary younger brother is pretty up there, too. I discovered Hero by Family of the Year (2012) like everyone else - after seeing Boyhood, of course. It's simple, a little somber, and something like a work of art, if you ask me.

A fall playlist without The Shins' New Slang (2001) just isn't a fall playlist at all. Apparently we're in the age of "deny Garden State was a monumental film that changed your life", but I'm absolutely lame enough to admit it had everything to do with how I learned to live, love, and listen to tunes. And this is just one of the greatest. Seriously.

I hope this song at least doesn't make you cry like all the other ones might have (I told you that fall makes me like to feel feelings - my bad.) Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1970) is the most perfect cuddling, hugging, friendship sharing song I've ever heard in my life. I think that's really what autumn is about, right?

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