Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Makeup Review

First things first, I know what you're thinking. "Where the hell has she been?" or "Is this the same blog?" may be two of the many questions running through your mind at the moment. I have taken a slight leave of absence due to some very weird circumstances that have led to my working essentially every day, and unfortunately I just can't explain everything yet (more on that here.) And yes, I redesigned my site. Let me know how you like it. Aesthetically, I'm not quite as huge a fan of it as I was my last one, but I think it's more user-friendly and that was the goal. Bear with me as I tinker with all the small details: it's a work in progress but it will be worth it.

So! Onwards. I decided to do today's post on some of the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale makeup that I picked up in this video. I've had a bit to try them all out and am excited to share what I think of everything with you.Victoria's Secret Color Drama Lipstick MeltFirst up is the Victoria's Secret Color Drama Lipstick in Melt. It is a nearly-universally flattering pinky nude that errs on the side of brown. Extremely fair skinned ladies may have a hard time pulling this off, but I'd say this is the perfect nude for most brunettes and darker skinned girls. The formula of these lipsticks is just great. Incredibly moisturizing with decent stay power. It has a lovely creamy consistency without being too slippery or too matte. It's right in between, which is great for every day.Victoria's Secret HD False Lash MascaraThe Victoria's Secret HD False Lash Mascara was not all that I hoped it to be, but it wasn't awful either. It has a spiky plastic wand which makes separating pesky lashes easy, but this mascara just didn't live up to its name. Layered underneath a voluminous mascara, this one worked well but on its own it just didn't have the false lash effect I was looking for. Victoria's Secret Pressed Mineral Bronzing Powder RivieraThis is the Victoria's Secret Pressed Mineral Bronzing Powder in Riviera, something I've had my eye on for awhile now. What really drew me to this one is that unlike many other VS bronzers, this one has minimal shimmer. It makes for a decent daily bronzer, but the top two shades are way too light for my skin. I may try them out as highlight colors or eyeshadows instead. This bronzer does have a light, natural feel on the skin and the packaging is great. VS Pro Anti-Shine FX Oil-Free MattifierThe VS Pro Anti-Shine FX Oil-Free Mattifier is another product I've been dying to get my hands on. It can be used under or over makeup to mattify the skin. My skin gets incredibly oily in the summer so I've already gotten some good use out of this. For me, I had a really hard time applying it after my makeup without ruining my face, but before makeup this works wonders. I simply apply it on my trouble areas (under my eyes and the tip of my nose) then apply foundation as normal. Even with something as moisturizing as a BB cream, my skin really does stay matte nearly all day with this. VS Pro Flawless FX Translucent Finishing PowderThe VS Pro Flawless FX Translucent Finishing Powder is one of my favorite things so far. I use this on my oilier areas and I have to say, it really does keep my skin matte longer than the other powders I've used in the past. There is a bit of shimmer in this, which I'd rather not have, but on the skin it's barely noticeable.VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening CreamThis VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream was purchased solely due to curiosity. I've been seeing a ton of these products on the market lately and I decided to finally give one a go. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one in particular yet because although it gave off a gorgeous glow when mixed with my daily foundation, it also felt quite heavy and made me look greasy. Perhaps this could do wonders with something lighter like a BB cream or nothing at all. I'll update you!VS Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub and BalmMy VS Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm is tried and true, but  I wanted to include it here anyway. What a handy little product this is. The top has a smooth minty balm and the bottom holds a large amount of sugar scrub. I swear by this scrub, and it's the only one I'll invest in. The balm is great too and is a must-have for anyone who wears as much lipstick as I do.

Did you pick up any goodies at the VS Semi-Annual Sale Haul? If you haven't seen everything I picked up, here's the video I posted a couple of weeks ago.