Wantable Unboxing & Review

Wantable UnboxingI was recently contacted by Wantable to review their makeup box so of course I did an unboxing video for you guys (I'll embed it below)! I also wanted to use my blog as a space to discuss each of the products individually after trying them out a bit.P1040768First up was this foil packet of Sorme Treat & Tint Skin Perfecting BB Cream in Medium Tan. I can't lie, foil packets kind of turn me off when they're in beauty boxes, but this was the only one in the box s so I won't complain too much. I did try this out to be honest, it wasn't my cup of tea anyway. The product is very thick and creamy, yet doesn't give off a ton of coverage. In fact, it seemed to be thicker than my daily full coverage foundation, but it still let blemishes shine through. It does have premium ingredients like aloe, Vitamin E, and argan oil in it though so I'm sure it's not all bad. People with really dry skin might find some use out of this.

Retail Value: $0.00 (sample size)P1040787I was very excited to open up this product! It's the Vincent Longo La Riviera Sun Bronzer in Cassata. I thought it would be too light to work as a bronzer on me, but I applied it today and realized I was totally wrong. It is a bit more subtle than some of my other dark bronzers, but this is perfect for an effortless summertime glow. The formula is so creamy but never thick and applies beautifully with an angled bronzing brush. The packaging on this is top notch, and it even has a little mirror. I will be getting a lot of use out of it this summer.

Retail Value: $32.00P1040802The next product is from La Bella Donna, a company I had heard of before but never tried. It is a cream-to-blush highlighter in Moonlight, which appears very pink in the package but actually shows up as a gorgeous gold highlight color. The texture is super creamy and smooth and it makes an excellent cheekbone highlighting product. It is a gorgeous shade that compliments any summertime look and its gold flecks really suit a bronzed face. I'm a huge fan of this so far.

Retail Value: $30.00 P1040812This eyeliner pen is from Chella. It is a basic eyeliner pen with a felt tip, and so far I'm really impressed by the results. I got the most perfect cat eye today with very little effort. My only qualms about this product is that I have a feeling it might dry out quickly - I try to avoid pen eyeliners for that reason, but here's to hoping Wantable proves me wrong!

Retail Value: $24.00 P1040830Finally, a lip liner by Ofra was included in my box. The color is called Chestnut, and it is a very dark brown color. I am happy that it's not a basic pink or nude as I have a ton of those, but I'll admit this color was a bit shocking to me. I paired it with a dark berry lipstick today and surprisingly it had a gorgeous ombre effect which suited me quite well. Maybe I'll do a Face of the Day with it soon! After reading more about the product, I realized it can be used as an eyeliner as well. I can definitely see myself getting some use out of it either way.

Retail Value: $10.00

Overall, Wantable has been the best subscription box I've tried so far. I'm pretty excited about all of the items, and besides the one foil packet, I think all of the samples I was sent were full sizes. I will update you as I wear these items but so far I'm impressed with everything besides the BB Cream. Check out my Wantable unboxing video below if you haven't yet and let me know what you think in the comments!