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I fell in love with Zella Day a few months ago thanks to none other than the Bear himself. Her singles are catchy. Her style is impeccable. Her voice is an unreal. It's breathy, ethereal-sounding, and perfect for pop with just enough rock n roll grit to keep me happy. She's also a ridiculously talented writer and musician, something you really just don't see all the time in pop music.

She released the much anticipated Kicker this week, and I haven't been this excited about a record in a minute. ZD is a unique kind of talent that can give me all the feels and make me dance at the same time (overly emotional LJ really appreciates that, ya know?) I'll be honest. I love every song.

Every. Single. Song. Buy the album, please. But if you're just looking for a primer, I got you.

I guess I didn't really realize how much of a vocalist ZD is until I heard 1965It was like 4am one night and I'm on a binge-listen of the few tracks she had up on YouTube and this song came on. Truly enthralled with her after it. It's so beautiful in the most simple, melancholy way.

"Can we go back to the world we had - with a love so sweet it makes me sad?"

I've been playing East of Eden nonstop for some time now, and while I love the album version, you gotta check out this synth-laden remix, as well. It takes the magic to a whole new level.

"Call me wild, drinking up the sunshine - be my man and show me what it feels like."

If you've been under a rock like me, Hypnotic's gotten some play on television (so I hear) and it's the single that got me hooked. It's a sassy, sexy anthem and the video is beautiful, full of symbolism, and poppy enough to get people stoked on her without selling her talents short.

"Tie ribbons on your top hat telling me I'm all that, just like the girls from your hometown."

Mustang Kids feat. Baby E is officially my new turn up song, cause it's beautiful and perfect and that's everything a turn up song should be. Like any mid-American youth, I feel like this song was written entirely based on my lived teenage experiences, ha. And that synth! Ooooh.

"Small town gang got nothing to do, we got guns, got drugs, got the sun and the moon."

And Shadow Preachers is about the now. Exploring life's complexities, both the dark and the light, the selfish and the self-aware, I couldn't relate to this track more. Couldn't we all?

"Maybe I don't want you either, we're both unsettled nighttime creatures."

This headstrong mama's on tour this summer. Who's down for a road trip?