You’re taking a giant step by investigating the idea of 1:1 coaching, and I couldn’t be more excited for you.

To be honest, I thought coaching was a scam until I started working with someone that I trusted. I was also fiercely connected to the idea of bootstrapping and doing everything myself… which is a noble stance, and one that I respect very much! But what I know now is that accepting help is not a flaw. It’s not bad business.

It’s really quite the opposite.

My coaching packages are ideal for beginner through intermediate level freelance social media managers and agency owners. Working with a coach means getting a second pair of eyes on the work that you do. Having a roadmap created by someone who has already done it. Having a support system when you’re panicking about a proposal, client feedback, or a speaking gig you just booked.

It means you’ll be pushed to set and reach your goals. We’re in it together… but you’ve gotta put in the work.

My coaching relationships are booked in 3-month packages. Please allot 2 hours per month for private calls, and 5 hours per month for coursework. And most importantly, you’ll want to enter the relationship with an open mind, a goal-chasing mentality, and the energy to take feedback and put it into action.


Personalized Coaching Curriculum

…Based on your exact business goals and skillset. No two coaching sessions look exactly the same, because I know that everyone’s needs are different. I’ve helped clients launch podcasts, win over more clients, increase their revenue, and establish processes that helped their businesses run more efficiently. Before hopping on our first call, we’ll discuss your exact needs, and I’ll lay out a schedule for our time together.


Six 60 Minute Video Calls

We’ll chat every other week to discuss the learnings, as well catch up on what’s going on with your business. I always allow for plenty of time for Q&A, and nothing is off the table. These calls can be recorded for you to refer back to even after our sessions are complete, and during our off weeks, I’ll provide you with resources and worksheets to work on for our next call.


Three Months of Support

You’ll get priority email inbox support (response time in 24 hours or less), WhatsApp/Messenger access, and unlimited feedback during our time together. Big presentation due? I’ll happily take a look and send you some feedback. Need some social post ideas for a client? I’ve got your back. Feeling discouraged? Let’s chat! That’s what I’m here for.